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It’s really that simple. High quality, high-converting leads to grow your business.

We really only offer one service. Lead generation. In other words, we contract with you to provide a certain number of TARGETED phone calls each month for your business. These phone call leads are high quality and high-converting, meaning they’re interested and primed to buy your services.

Even more exciting, our phone leads are absolutely exclusive, meaning you’re not competing with other businesses in your market for the appointment or sale. This makes each lead much more valuable to you.

Lead generation has a number of advantages for you. You can relax knowing that your marketing budget is producing actual and real results. In other words, you know up front what you’re spending and you know just how many phone calls that will generate. No more paying for marketing services that may or may not work, or ones where you can’t figure out if they’re profitable.

We use a variety of online and offline resources to generate your leads. In many cases, we have these resources already in place and we’re just waiting to connect them with you. In other cases, we’ll build out the required resources based on your needs. Either way, we handle the details. All you do is pick up the phone and make the appointments.

The best part is, you don’t even have to know how we’re making your phone ring. As partners, we’ll send you as many new customers as you need or want to grow your business.

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Because our services and resources are in such demand, and because your time is valuable too, we need to quickly and efficiently determine if we are a good fit for each other. You can call us anytime or fill out our online form to request a short consultation. We look forward to meeting you and helping your business grow.

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“We’ve looked at a lot of lead gen companies but these guys were always the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with.”
Irene Warner, CEO & Founder
“We have a constant flow of new leads thanks to Infinity. I just can’t tell you what peace of mind it gives us knowing they will keep delivering, month after month.”
Jeffery Polk, CEO & Founder
“I don’t know how they do it.  But Infinity provides a consistent stream of fresh leads while equipping us with what we need to turn those into loyal customers.”
Naomi Crawford, Admissions director
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