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How We Work

Step 1

After you approve our proposal, you will be asked to fill out an introductory form so that we can learn more about you and your business.

Step 2

We will review your introductory form during a call with you to develop an initial campaign strategy.

Step 3

We take all the information from the strategy session to set up your campaigns, build your lead lists, and formulate your offer, as well as tailor it for cold outreach.

Step 4
Campaign Launch

After the setup has been approved, we will launch your campaign.

Step 5
Meetings in Your Calendar

When we identify an interested lead, we deliver the meeting directly into your or your salesperson's calendar.

Step 6
Campaign Optimization

In addition to monthly reporting, we will also have a monthly check-in call to go through recommended adjustments to continuously improve campaign results.

Booked 1296+ meetings for B2B companies

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What We Have Done for Our Clients

We are committed to our clients' success and to a long-term partnership.


85+ Qualified Meetings in Six Months for Masscreation

SEO Doktorn

20+ New Clients & 105+ Qualified Meetings in Six Months for seodr.


100+ Qualified Meetings Booked for Konovalenko in Five Months


22+ Qualified Meetings for FunnelBud in Two Months

Paper Digital

39+ Booked Meetings in Paper Digital's Pipeline After Three Months


81+ Qualified Meetings Booked for Haus in Five Months


10+ New Clients & 60+ Meetings in Five Months for Buildahome


21+ Meetings Booked for WonderBrand in Two Months

Our full-service combines 15+ years of sales experience with artificial intelligence and technology to create personalized, effective cold email campaigns that capture interest and generate warm leads.


  • Domain purchase
  • Master inbox setup
  • Automation setup
  • DNS setup
  • Email warm-up
  • List Building
  • Data Scraping
  • AI Data Analysis
  • Hyper Personalization
  • Cold email copywriting
  • Outreach to verified leads
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What Customers Say About Us

No matter the project, our team can handle it.

Our collaboration with Quality Leads has been very rewarding. Daniel is highly competent in technology, business, and communication, which has enabled us to get booked meetings through his work.

The big difference compared to when we ourselves made proactive contact over the phone is that the leads Daniel worked on have had a strong timing factor where the customer wants help, and the contact persons have had the authority to make decisions.

This has resulted in us regularly closing deals more easily with his help. I can really recommend Daniel to other companies that want to find more of the right customer contacts.

Thomas Hallberg

Sales Manager

SEO Doktorn

With great understanding and genuine commitment to our products and
services, Daniel and Quality Leads have generated interest in our
company and expanded our network through many high-quality meetings.

Patrik Rustman



I have worked with Quality Leads on several lead generation projects, and I can certainly say that Daniel delivers high results and always goes the extra mile to understand the business and generate top results.

I highly recommend Daniel as a person and as a lead generation specialist for those who want to outsource all the work around booking sales meetings and want to increase their revenue.

Lucas Galovan


Digital Zense

Actually, I'm not particularly fond of our inboxes getting more and more filled, often with dubious emails. But in line with changing phone habits, one must seek new ways to contact potential customers.

I believe that Quality Leads has a technical ability to create emails that are still acceptable and are also sent out with a good hit rate. Then I suppose a key to their success in delivering sharp, good meetings with the right decision-makers every month also has to do with the operator of the email traffic. Responding and following up, etc. In this, Johanna is very skilled.

Moreover, they are so pleasant that I usually refer to them as our sales department. And that's no small compliment. If only they had put effort into making a better website too, I would have given them five likes out of five possible.

Mikael Signell



The experience of external appointment setting has been outstanding compared to previous providers. Quality Leads has truly exceeded our expectations with their skill and precision in identifying and booking relevant meetings for us.

It is pleasing to see that we have experienced a significant increase in new business opportunities through Quality Leads. Their ability to deliver high-quality leads has been crucial for our success in the market. It's evident that their strategic approach and meticulousness in selecting potential clients really yield results.

Our collaboration has been marked by professionalism and commitment from Quality Leads' side. Their team has been responsive to our needs and tailored their services to fit our business model. The open communication and quick response have made the collaboration smooth and efficient.

I would strongly recommend Quality Leads to other companies looking for a reliable partner in meeting booking. Their ability to deliver results and the exceptional support they provide make them a valuable asset to any company aiming to increase their business opportunities.

David Sundström



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